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Be a Volunteer!

Everywhere we go, people around the world want change. Change in the disadvantaged populations that polarize. Change in the systems that prevents self-actualization. Change in the unjust repression of generations young and old.


But the change we all long for won’t be realized through big, or just random acts of kindness—not by government officials, or the military. But rather, lasting change will be achieved through small, personal acts of kindness and love, and through the spreading of tolerance and acceptance of understanding between people and cultures. As we become more willing to change ourselves—the way we think, the way we act—then real change become possible. Be a change-agent of AARAMA today as you consider becoming a volunteer.

Changes when providing a Cross-Cultural Solutions is significant change. The passion that you bring to your experience as a volunteer of AARAMA will be of lasting effect, bringing change to both people and the communities in which they live. By your ministry, you can help change the way people live and bring hope to many who are without hope. And in turn, as you connect with local population, you’ll find wisdom and meaning to life in a way different from your own.

You’ll discover the most important role that every individual is a part of brings in lasting change. You’ll feel so empowered as your world view becomes transformed by personal experience. This is a safe and exciting new adventure everytime you take a trip—the trip of a lifetime where you can learn about another culture while learning about yourself – changing lives and shaping destinies.

Change in the world begins with one person at a time – you. You’re closer than ever to making an awesome difference.

Change their world. Change yours world.


How to sign up

You may register by returning your completed PERSONAL PROFILE & LIABILITY RELEASE FORM with 2 passport size color photographs, 2 copies of the inside front page of your passport,

If you do not have a passport, please visit to learn how to obtain or renew your passport. (Download the short-term volunteer application form above) and submit your application form to: Email: