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While Teaching Men to Fish, Let Each One Teach One

The traditional top-down development planning has been found to yield counter-productive results in many communities. It has, in the recent decade become necessary to build the capacity of the local stakeholders to enable them carry out planning, implementation as well as monitoring and evaluation of their projects. This will ensure sustainable development.

The proposed training activity will consider church leaders at all levels, who plan to undertake both micro- as well as macro-level projects which will aim at attracting low and medium level funding. The training shall take cognizance of the gender imbalance in Kenya and other parts of the world will pay special attention to the role of women in development. The training will also address the importance of cementing institutional linkages within and outside the communities. This will enable AARAMA members to build partnerships with funding agencies and others of like mind to ensure sustainable development” … quote from the Nakuru Pastor’s.

One of the goals of ARRAMA is Empowerment … the teach them “how to” so that they can have a better quality of life after our departure. Our conferences are geared toward that end.

The targeted Empowerment areas include: Academic, Christian Education, Medical, Agriculture, Technical Training to include Software, the installation of PC based LAN’s (Local Area Network), Community Involvement and the Environment.

Daily workshop/seminar sessions emphasize: Community Skill Development (employment), Evangelism, Spiritual Growth Classes (all age groups), Christian Discipleship, Church Organization, Church Leadership, Church Finance, and Pastoral Enrichment Workshops and Seminars. We are adding other components of education at the request of the Kenya Conference Leaders, “The Plight of the Africans to America and their Struggle to Freedom”, “Conflict Resolution”, and “Crisis Management”. Our Medical Team will assist in the local hospitals and neighborhoods as guided.


Sometimes it seems as if what we do is just a drop in the bucket, and maybe in the grand scheme of things it is. But then we are reminded that it is continuing to do what is right that makes the difference, for many drops make great rivers.